• What is bikepacking?

Bikepacking can be seen as a combination of adventure, bikes and camping. More specifically bikepacking is a type of bike touring where mountainbikes are used together with a set of bags that allow the user to ride gravel roads and trails but without the big panniers associated with road bike touring that often hit rocks or trees or shake loose.

This allows the exploration of deep forest roads, high mountains trails and other areas where classic bike touring bikes can’t go.

Bikepacking in the "flat" Denmark

  • What do we mean with 99% waterproof?

Most of our bags are labeled as 99% waterproof, this means that they will stand up to most rain but will leak if they are submersed in water or during periods of extremely heavy rain. To achieve this we use waterproof fabrics, often specialized laminates, that are completely waterproof. We then seal the seams and use rolltop closures to stop water from entering.

During use we recommend using separate dry bags for electronics, sleeping bags and other expensive/security items that must not be wet.

  • Where are our products made?

All of our products are hand-made in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Is modifications or customs orders possible?

Sometimes 🙂 Customs colors or smaller alternations to existing products are usually possible but while we love to do custom stuff it isn’t always economically possible, the process to design a good new bags is long with different prototypes, field tests and manufacturing tests. Therefore we often decline to create completely new products, but there is no shame in asking! Use the Contact Form to drop us a message!


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