Frame bag template instruction

All frame bags are custom made to your specific frame to ensure a great fit, however, for this a template is needed. Creating a template isn’t hard and only takes a couple of minutes, just follow these simple instructions:

What you need:

  • A pen
  • A piece of cardboard, larger than your frame triangle
  • A piece of large paper or several smaller ones and some tape
  • A pair of scissors


Start by cutting down the cardboard so it still covers the whole triangle but fits between your crank and fork.


Tape the papers together if you use smaller ones and then tape them to the cardboard sheet in a couple of places.


Hold the cardboard against the frame and carefully trace the shape on the paper with the pen. If you have a front derailleur or any other frame attachments that may interfere with the hook-and-loop straps please mark them as well.


Take the papers off the cardboard, write your name, adress and email adress on it. If you order several frame bags at once in different colors, please note the color for each one as well. If you want some space left open for mounting electronics, mark it as well.


You can cut out the template to save weight and use less stamps, just cut a few cm outside the frame lines and add extra tape if needed to old it together. Send the paper template in an envelope to:

Endless Trails Outdoor Equipment

CO/ Edvin Mellergård

Allhelgonagatan 6 lgh 1301/930

415 13 Goteborg


Please allow for up to 2 weeks of production time for all orders from the date of receiving the template or the order, whichever is the latest. When you receive it you’ll need to trim the velcro to match your frame. Mount it up first and measure twice before cutting!

Special instructions if you have a full suspension bike:

  • Most suspension types can be done but some are too complicated, if in doubt email me a picture of the bike and I’ll be able to tell.
  • After tracing the frame, let out all the air from the suspension, compress it and mark the new shape of the linkage and the shock with another color.
  • Also, trace the outer shape of the main triangle around where the bag will sit, this is because depending on the shape and type of suspension the Velcro holding the bag in place might have to be very long or can’t be placed in certain places.
  • Please also email me a clear picture from the side of the bike to help determine where the Velcro should be placed.

The workshop will be closed June 5th - September 10th. Please see the frontpage for more information! Dismiss