Here at Endless Trails Outdoor Equipment we do our best to find and use the best materials available. This means we use different materials and thicknesses in different places across all of our products in order to keep weight down and durability and waterproofing up.


Dimension-Polyant X-Pac fabric

The industry standard for waterproof/resistant fabrics is PU-coated Nylon, but these normally don’t stay waterproof for long. The PU-coating on the inside tent to wear of quickly leaving you with a leaking bag. Instead Dimension-Polyant with their roots in sail laminates created the X-pac series. A 4 layer laminated fabric designed for outdoor applications that used a PET-layer instead of polyurethane to make it waterproof.

The outer layer is 210d Nylon that provides strength and abrasion resistance, inside this is a x-shaped reinforcing layer of Dacron that provides additional strength. Then comes the PET-film layer that gives this fabric its waterproofing. Finally on the inside of that film is a protective layer of 50 denier Polyester that ensures that the PET film will stay intact and waterproof.

500 & 1000 denier Cordura fabric

These are the fabrics used when heavy abrasion resistance is needed. Our Cordura fabrics are made of nylon with a PU-coating on the inside that provides some water resistance and to prevent them from fraying. By weight Cordura tend to be a lot stronger and more abrasion resistant than other nylon fabrics. 500 denier is often more than enough and is for example used on our bar harnesses and on the sides and bottom of frame bags. 1000 denier Cordura is heavier and is only used when additional strength is needed, the bottom and back of our handlebar buckets is one example.

210d Nylon fabric

When a lighter fabric is needed we use a PU coated 210d Nylon fabric. It is lighter, more flexible and is for example used on the inside of the Handlebar Harness.

ITW Nexus buckles

Throughout our packs we use different buckles depending on their respective use. Most of these comes from ITW Nexus and a select few from other high quality suppliers such as Duraflex. All of these buckles are made from POM, an exceptionally high strength plastic that doesn’t get brittle at low temperatures or fade due to UV-radiation. Depending on the application we use different sizes or models. Some of the buckles, mainly on the bike bags, also have an extra latch-cam that locks the webbing in place after it’s been tightened in order to stop the webbing from slipping when riding in rough terrain.

Where applicable we have also added a sewn stop to the webbing a few cm from the end to always give you end to pull on and all long loose ends that risk getting caught in your wheels are also attached with square rings .


There are three materials commonly found in webbing for bags, polypropylene(PP), Nylon and Polyester. PP is the cheapest and therefore commonly found on many bags, but it is also the weakest and doesn’t resist abrasion very well. Nylon is more expensive but much stronger and resists abrasion well. However it absorbs water and stretches slightly when wet. For these reasons we only use Polyester in all of our bags.

Polyester is strong, resists UV-radiation without fading or breaking down, it handles abrasions and cuts extremely well and doesn’t absorb water or stretches when wet.

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