Among rocks and roots on Sörmlandsleden

Lukewarm forest lakes, wild berries and long evenings with beautiful sunlight. That’s what I associate the most with Swedish summers. Even if we tend to be a bit cynical and joke that a Swedish summer days is 10 degrees and rain I only experienced the first during last weeks ride on Sörmlandleden just south of Stockholm, a hiking trail established about 50 years ago. I connected two pieces of it a get a nice 4 day loop. For the first two days, Anton from Stockholm joined me before he took the commuter train back home.

Bikepacking sormlandsleden endlesstrails (5)

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Failure in Fjällen

Last week I travelled up north to Åre, Sweden, for a few days of downhill with my girlfriend Kajsa and my friend Andreas. We had an awesome time with lots of jumps, berms and other features we normally don’t get to ride on the all natural trails here around Gothenburg. But when it was time for them to go home to get back to work I loaded up my full-suspension bike with the plan to ride roughly 600 km of singeltrack through the Swedish mountains, or “Fjällen” as we call them.

Bikepacking sweden fjallen (20)

Unfortunately I didn’t get very far. On day three I woke up to heavy rain and when I finally got out of the tent and started loaded up the bike I realized the frame had cracked sometime to day before.

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Gone fishing…

Well, not quite. Gone biking… First a week of downhill in Åre, Sweden and then unless I’ve crashed to hard I got 600 km of singeltrack, plenty of mud, probably a lot of reindeer and hopefully not too much rain to look forward to as I’m bikepacking the “Fjällen”, the mountains in northwestern Sweden.


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Coming soon!

Whether you call it adventure, sports, vacation, escape or just life, we provide the equipment that let you enjoy the Endless Trails out there

Logga-1300x800-genomskinlig-bakgrundEndless Trails Outdoor Equipment is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor equipment focusing on bikepacking bags and alpine climbing backpacks

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The workshop will be closed June 5th - September 10th. Please see the frontpage for more information! Dismiss