Hey! My name is Edvin and I’m the guy behind Endless Trails Outdoor Equipment.  I’m the kind of person who constantly tinkers, builds and improves things. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it can always be bettered 🙂  Stronger, smarter, lighter, more user friendly…Portrait of Edvin Mellergard while rock climbing

When I was a kid I built soapbox cars, then RC planes. When I was a teenager I tuned engines and during my high school years I built rebreathers, a type of scuba diving equipment.  Some years ago, right after I finished high school I discovered climbing and immediately got hooked, I started trad climbing on the local crags and quickly transitioned to ice and alpine.

Compilation of a climbing backpack, a sketchbook and an alpine climbing backpackWhen I went looking for gear I found a few pieces that matched my needs; light, durable and waterproof but not a lot. So I started making my own backpacks and clothes. Seeing how great those turned out I finally gave in and went back to school after a few years of mixing work with climbing. And that’s pretty much where I am today, I have just finished my fourth year studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden. During these last years I have managed to spend roughly 5 month traveling every year, study and of course combined my technical interest with my outdoor interest. The result of that is Endless Trails Outdoor Equipment.

Mountainbike lightened by campfire with Endless Trails logo displayed in bottom right corner

I’m currently running the business by myself with the aim to grow it into a small but complete outdoor brand with domestic manufacturing and a focus on function, environment, aesthetics and of course quality! So far I have launched a range of bikepacking bags and a climbing backpack. More products will follow soon with a focus on more climbing backpacks and accessories, a few more bikepacking bags such as a camera handlebar bag and a larger seat bag holster.

Close up of Bar Bottle Bucket with a camper in the backgroundHere on the blog I intend to share quite a few tips and tricks I picked up over the years to help you make the most out of your time, some updates and new gear releases and pictures and stories from when I’m out enjoying the Endless Trails! If you have any questions, comments or ideas/needs for new gear, feel free to comment  or use the contact page to get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!