Gone fishing…

Well, not quite. Gone biking… First a week of downhill in Åre, Sweden and then unless I’ve crashed to hard I got 600 km of singeltrack, plenty of mud, probably a lot of reindeer and hopefully not too much rain to look forward to as I’m bikepacking the “Fjällen”, the mountains in northwestern Sweden.


I’m will be using my Giant Trance, freshly converted to 27.5plus wheels with Schwalbe 2.8 Nobby Nics on it. I also swapped my regular wide bars to my bikepacking bars that have 20 degrees of back sweep to keep my hands happy. My beloved brooks saddle will also be coming along, it’s heavy and doesn’t handle water very good, something i anticipate there will be plenty of, but it’s so comfortable and the leather takes out a lot of vibrations. Together with the big tires and full suspension I should get a pretty comfortable ride.

IMG_7504 Of course, I’m also taking the opportunity to test a few new products, the two most noteworthy is this seat pack holster and two different versions of stem bags.


I’ve been running different versions of this seat pack holster for along time now and it’s getting close to be production ready, I just want to make sure that it can handle repeated abuse before i release it. It’s stupidly stable, even when loaded down. When I took a test ride today to test tire and suspension pressures I really loaded it up. Tent, food, stove and some clothes. 7 kg in total. No sway, only a little bit of movement when I really push on it from the side. This will be a great addition to my other seat pack when larger loads are needed or to makes access to the content easier.


The two different stem bags I’ll be testing are basically more square than the normal round Bar Bottle Bucket. One have a rolltop closure to keep cameras and other things dry. The other features a lid with a magnetic buckle. Super easy to use and allows easy access to it’s content even when riding. I plan to offer both of these in two sizes. A larger one that will fit most DSLR’s and a smaller version for more knee space.

I’ll be posting some pictures on Instagram and a full write up when I get back towards the end of July.